Zone and Polygon Menus: Using Relative Position to Increase the Breadth of Multi-Stroke Marking Menus

Zone and Polygon Menus: Using Relative Position to Increase the Breadth of Multi-Stroke Marking Menus


Shengdong Zhao, Maneesh Agrawala, Ken Hinckley


Paper and Presentation

CHI Madness

Faster, higher, stronger is the spirit that makes Olympic Games so exciting to watch, but I am not good at any of the sports, so I decided to become a coach. In this year’s world Marking Menu competition, we lead our athletes: “Zone Menu” and “Polygon Menu”, after intensive training, practicing, sweating, suffering, and crying, win the game by excellent speed, accuracy, and menu configuration. Behind every athlete, there is a story! To listen to the touching stories of Zone and Polygon Menus, please come to the live broadcast event at 9:30 am prime time on channel “Menus”. See you there!


We present Zone and Polygon menus, two new variants of multi-stroke marking menus that consider both the relative position and orientation of strokes. Our menus are designed to increase menu breadth over the 8 item limit of status quo orientation-based marking menus. An experiment shows that Zone and Polygon menus can successfully increase breadth by a factor of 2 or more over orientation-based marking menus, while maintaining high selection speed and accuracy. We also discuss hybrid techniques that may further increase menu breadth and performance. Our techniques offer UI designers new options for balancing menu breadth and depth against selection speed and accuracy.

ACM Classification: H5.2 [Information interfaces and presentation]: User Interfaces. – Graphical user interfaces.

Author Keywords: Marking menus, pie menus, position based menus, pen-based interfaces.


Shen is an HCI professor at the National University of Singapore working on realizing his vision of HeadsUp Computing, a new Interaction paradigm that can transform the way we live and interact with computers. In his free time, Shen loves to read, run, spend time with family and friends, and explore nature.

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