L.IVE: An Integrated Interactive Video-based Learning Environment

L.IVE: An Integrated Interactive Video-based Learning Environment


Toni-Jan Keith Monserrat ,Shengdong Zhao,Yawen Li and Xiang Cao





In this paper, we introduce L.IVE: an online interactive video-based learning environment with an alternative design and architecture that integrates three major interface components: video, comment threads, and assessments. This is in contrast with the approach of existing interfaces which visually separate these components. Our study, which compares L.IVE with existing popular video-based learning environments, suggests advantages in this integrated approach as compared to the separated approach in learning.

Author Keywords

L.IVE; interactive video; video-based online learning

Multimedia Information Systems – Video

Figure 1: A physics lecture video based on Angry Birds is played on the L.IVE system (a). A lecturer uses an embedded text annotation to indicate a quiz is coming (b). The video is automatically paused with an in-place quiz that asks the speed required to hit the green target. Users’ answers will be assessed and feedback given based on their individual responses (c). Users see a comment tag above the green target, and move the cursor over as the tag fades in (d). Clicking on the comment tag displays the comments on the side. Hovering over the comments reveals an associated annotation, which can be hand-drawn (e) or shown as a linked video (f). Correctly answering the quiz question advances the video (g).


Shen is an HCI professor at the National University of Singapore working on realizing his vision of HeadsUp Computing, a new Interaction paradigm that can transform the way we live and interact with computers. In his free time, Shen loves to read, run, spend time with family and friends, and explore nature.

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