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Towards to the next interaction paradigm via wearable intelligent assistants

Meet Shengdong (Shen) Zhao

I am a full professor at the School of Creative Media and Computer Science Department at the City University of Hong Kong (CityU). Previously, I held the position of Associate Professor at the Computer Science Department of the National University of Singapore (NUS). I obtained my PhD in computer science from the University of Toronto and my master’s degree from the School of Information Management & Systems at the University of California, Berkeley. My undergraduate education included a dual major in computer science and biology from Linfield College, Oregon, USA. In January 2009, I founded the Synteraction (formerly NUS-HCI) Lab. My research focuses on developing innovative interface tools and applications that simplify and enhance people’s lives, such as Draco, which won the Best iPad App of the Year in 2016. I regularly publish in top HCI conferences and journals, including ToCHI, CHI, UbiComp, CSCW, UIST, and IUI. I am also passionate about bridging academic research with industry and have served as a senior consultant with the Huawei Consumer Business Group. Additionally, I actively participate in program committees for leading HCI conferences and have served as the paper co-chair for the ACM SIGCHI conferences in 2019 and 2020. During my leisure time, I enjoy reading, running, and exploring the beauty of nature.

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User Interface Design

Crafting user-centric interface designs that seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics, making interactions intuitive and delightful.

Intuitive Designs for Ease
Seamless Functionality Fusion
Aesthetically Pleasing Interfaces

Innovative Applications

Developing cutting-edge applications that push the boundaries of innovation and offer unique solutions to everyday challenges.

Boundary-Pushing Innovations
Unique Solutions for Challenges
Enhancing Everyday Experiences

Academic-Industry Liaison

Bridging the gap between academic research and industry needs, facilitating collaborations that drive growth and development.

Academic Collaboration Initiatives
Driving Industry Development
Facilitating Growth u0026 Innovation


GPT VoiceTasker: LLM-Powered Virtual Assistant for SmartphoneWeb Development Success

Minh Duc Vu, Han Wang, Zhuang Li, Jieshan Chen, Shengdong Zhao, Zhenchang Xing, Chunyang Chen

Heads-Up Computing Moving Beyond the Device-Centered Paradigm

Shengdong Zhao, Felicia Tan, Katherine Fennedy

GlassMessaging: Towards Ubiquitous Messaging Using OHMDs

Nuwan Janaka, Jie Gao, Lin Zhu, Shengdong Zhao, Lan Lyu, Peisen Xu, Maximilian Nabokow, Silang Wang, Yanch Ong

Ashwin Ram, Han Xiao, Shengdong Zhao, Chi-Wing Fu

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