The RA will be responsible for the development of the Web-based Clinical Pedagogy (WCP) program.

Technical/Software development of the WCP

The WCP is a web-based program which involves the use of a smart device (laptop, phone or tablet) to facilitate the self- and peer-learning of the nurse preceptors. WCP allows multiple ways of sharing and discussion. Such platform also allows the preceptor to share their clinical teaching experience and support each other along this learning journey. The nurse preceptor will use the tablet to observe the student’s performance and interactions with patient and healthcare team in the videos. This interface also allows the nurse preceptor to assess student’s clinical competence and provide feedback. The technology research assistant will work closely with the researchers to develop the WCP, streamline and enhance the key features, i.e. flexibility and ease of use.

Skills required:

Good programming skills with proficiency in Javascript and with knowledge of React.js


If interested, please send your CV to Kim Aguada <> && CC join-nus-hci (at) && WU Xi Vivien <>.

Written by Kim Aguada