Just posted a question on HN for the first time: How to test iPhone app on mobile Safari?

If you have suggestions, I’d appreciate your comments or upvotes — I am new to Hacker News 🙂


I’m assuming that he doesn’t have anything built yet since he mentioned MVP. If that’s the case, I would build an MVP in web language (HTML5, CSS, JS). I can make it responsive so that it can be tested in all the different devices (can get more users to test). And then at a later stage if I want to make it into native app, one possible solution is using PhoneGap (



mentioned an animated, interactive HTML5 wysiwyg authoring tool I was pretty impressed with the feel on the phone. Not sure how deep you want it to go (logging in, crunching real numbers might not work so well with this)

Paul Kim:

mentioned an over-the-air distribution without Testflight or iTunes store:

Seems like there is a solution for distributing native app via mobile safari by Downloading plist. I was able to download app and pixate app through mobile safari. Not really sure how they did it though

it was pure native app downloading ipa and installing it on iPhone .

If you are building it in html5 and want the users to test it on mobile safari try using jqyouch it has functionality that is closest to native UX. Though it won’t support any native functions like camera.

What Paul means is this

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