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10 Awesome Hostels in Singapore Under $31 (website and price checked by Oct. 3, 2014)

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Internet listings provide by Jack Yang:


Internet resources provided by Agnes:

Within NUS:

Private rental of accommodation (ie. outside of NUS)


Internet listing provided by Emily:

I) Temporary and Transit Accommodation

1) For temporary and transit accommodation on campus, there are guest rooms provided by the halls of residence, Prince George’s Park and Extension Block A for visitors. Details and room rates available at:
You can either contact the hostels directly or  I can also help you to find out the availability of guestrooms (single-room) in the student hostels/halls of  residence and make the necessary booking for you for 1 to 2 weeks once you are able to confirm your exact arrival date.  Kindly note that normally,  you are expected to pay in full within the first 2 days of checking-in to  the guestroom. And once booked, if there is any cancellation, cancellation charges of 1 night’s accommodation would apply.

(II) Permanent Accommodation/Housing Options

(1)   If you require accommodation for 12 months or less, you may also wish to consider looking for rooms via Scholars Residence at the following URL:

(III) Other Permanent Accommodation/Housing Options
2) (a) After you have assumed duty, you should start looking for permanent housing. The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) has a listing of accommodation available off-campus. The register of householders can be viewed from URL at: by keying in your Staff NUSNET E-mail account and password. The monthly rent for a room ranges  from $400 to $600. You may  also wish to check the daily local newspapers classified ads on room and apartment rental in the west district:  Dover/Clementi/West Coast/Pasir Panjang/Jurong East and West which are  near NUS.

(b) Since you are not able to access the website: yet,  perhaps, you could let me know your criteria & I could do a search for you:

(i) Type of housing – single room in a 3-room, 4-room, 5 room apartment or  private apt?

(ii) Areas near to NUS – Dover/Clementi/West Coast/Pasir Panjang/Jurong?

(iii) Budget?

Based on your criteria, I could then let you know which are the potential accommodations that matches your criteria. However, you would have to contact the owners directly to view the accommodation & make the necessary arrangements yourself.

2(c) You could also seek the assistance of  a housing agent (Mr Kevin Ang – H/P: 92967975 or in helping you to find your permanent accommodation.  The price range for a private studio apartment is about S$2,000/- and agency fees is about 1/2 to 1 month’s rental. Other options include shared apartments etc..but agency fee will still be about 1/2 to 1 month’s rental if the lease agreement is less than 2 years or if monthly rental is below S$2,000/- . If in case, you feel that you can probably do the housing hunting on your own, its alright.

3 (a) For more info about finding private accommodation, you can also refer to the list of URLs on Singapore property available from the following URL:

Long-term Stay

A number of private companies or home owners provides accommodation to students. The lease term and facilities provided varies from one provider to another.
Students are advised to understand the terms and conditions of the lease agreement before signing any agreement or placing a deposit.The following are some private

long-term accommodation providers:

• Contact for long-term private accommodation: Directory

JTC Corporation:

Easy Roommate

Expat Singapore
Rent in Singapore

Singapore Expat

Singapore Land Property Portal
Singapore Properties Classifieds

Singapore RoomsDB
Singnet Classifieds Property

8Links Singapore Property

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