Jude Yew from the communication and new media department has kindly shared the HCI related classes he collected. Below is the list.

Please find the list of classes that I think you will find interesting and may be relevant to your course:
1) Interaction Design Studio (Carnegie Mellon Univ., Pittsburgh)
This is Haakon Faste’s introductory course to the interaction design program for CMU. What I found interesting, and may be relevant to NM1101E, is the expansive vision towards design that he takes in this course, especially in the first couple of weeks where he looks at physical control interfaces (e.g. knobs and sliders). Also, I am interested in how he handles projects-based work with introductory students.

2) INFO360: Design thinking (Univ. of Washington, iSchool)
This is a course taught by Andy Ko of UW. While not an introductory course, it is a pioneering course that attempts to introduce the idea of design thinking to non-designers. Ko adopts a strategy of organizing his course around a series of rhetorical questions that encourage students to think from a design perspective. Interesting way to organize a course.

3) i544: Experience Design (Indiana University, iSchool)
This is Jeffery Barzell’s experience design course which has the students developed a series of "experience prototypes" for an interactive museum exhibit. The course draws broadly from the recent HCI literature as well as seminal anthropological and philosophical works.

4) SI612: Pervasive Interaction Design (Univ. of Michigan, iSchool)
This is Mark Newman’s new course titled Pervasive Interaction Design and takes an expansive perspective towards interactivity – the course views interaction from a pervasive/ubiquitous perspective. Interesting use of "video prototypes" as a deliverable from the students.

Written by Shengdong Zhao

Shen is an Associate Professor in the Computer Science Department, National University of Singapore (NUS). He is the founding director of the NUS-HCI Lab, specializing in research and innovation in the area of human computer interaction.