This movie by Ang Lee is an amazing piece of artwork. These days, I can hardly sit through a movie unless it’s really good. Even among the good movies, very few can attract me to watch more than once. Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon is one of the very few movies I can watch countless times, yet still feel deeply impressed every time I watch it. Each time I will say to myself: how can someone create such an incredible piece of artwork that’s almost perfect in all aspects: the story, the underlying deeper meaning, the action, the scenery, the music, the acting. Everything is beautiful and sensational.  The result, of all such incredible work combined, is truly a lasting master piece that deeply inplanted into one’s mind.

Crouching tiger and hidden dragon is a perfect example of how quality is so much more powerful than quantity in many cases. One exceptional piece like this creates a deeper impression than one hundred average movies combined. This does not only apply to movies. Research is also the same.

To me, the story of how this movie is created is equally exciting as the movie itself. It gives me a lot of inspirations. Take a look at the amazing behind the scene stories.

Making of the movie, part 1


Making of the movie, part 2

Written by Shengdong Zhao

Shen is an Associate Professor in the Computer Science Department, National University of Singapore (NUS). He is the founding director of the NUS-HCI Lab, specializing in research and innovation in the area of human computer interaction.