A/P Shengdong ZHAO – NUS-HCI

MIMS - UC Berkeley, PhD - University of Toronto
Associate Professor, NUS-HCI Lab
Department of Computer Science
School of Computing, National University of Singapore

Lab address: COM2-01-05
Phone: +65 6516-4361 (lab), Fax: +65 6779 4580 (Soc)
Email: zhaosd (at) comp.nus.edu.sg

My past and current research falls in a number of sub-areas of HCI, reflecting my broad research interests.

Publication Overview by Category


Arts and Creativity

Binocular Rivalry Effect

Eyes-free Interaction


Human Robot Interaction

Information Visualization

Interaction Technique

Mobile and Wearable Computing

MOOC and Education

Silver Computing

Systems, Tools, and Toolkits

UI Customization

Web and Social Media

Publications (in reverse chronological order)


Follow-My-Lead: Intuitive Indoor Path Creation and Navigation Using Interactive VideosQuentin RoySimon T. PerraultShengdong ZhaoRichard C. DavisAnuroop Pattena VaniyarVelko VechevYoungki LeeArchie MisraCHI  2017      PDF  
ReTool: Interactive Microtask and Workflow Design through DemonstrationChen ChenXiaojun MengShengdong ZhaoMorten FjeldCHI  2017      PDF  
VITA: Towards Supporting Volunteer Interactions with Long-Term Care Residents with DementiaPin Sym FoongShengdong ZhaoKelsey CarlsonZhe LiuCHI  2017      PDF  


Ubitile: A Finger-Worn I/O Device for Tabletop Vibrotactile Pattern AuthoringKhanh-Duy LeKening ZhuTomasz KosinskiMorten FjeldMaryam AjShengdong ZhaoNordiCHI  2016  87    PDF  
Towards Leaning Aware Interaction with Multitouch TabletopsKhan-Duy LeMaha PaknezhadPaweł W. WoźniakGabrielė KasparavičiūtėShengdong ZhaoMichael S. BrownNordiCHI  2016  Article 4    Short paperPDF  
HaptiColor: Interpolating Color Information as Haptic Feedback to Assist the ColorblindMarta G. CarcedoSoon Hau ChuaSimon PerraultPaweł WozniakRaj JoshiMohammad ObaidMorten FjeldShengdong ZhaoCHI EA  2016    3572-3583  Full paperPDF  Youtube Video
Ringteraction: Coordinated Thumb-index Interaction Using a RingSarthak GhoshHeong Cheol KimYang CaoArne WesselsSimon T. PerraultShengdong ZhaoCHI EA  2016    2640-2647  Full paperPDF  Youtube Video
5-Step Approach to Designing Controlled ExperimentsXiaojun MengPin Sym FoongSimon PerraultShengdong ZhaoAVI  2016    358-359  Short paperPDF  Youtube Video
A Dummy's Guide to your Next EXPeriment: Experimental Design and Analysis Made EasyShengdong ZhaoXiaojun MengPin Sym FoongSimon PerraultCHI EA  2016    1016-1019  WorkshopPDF  Youtube Video
HyNote: Integrated Concept Mapping and NotetakingXiaojun MengShengdong ZhaoDarren EdgeAVI   2016    236-239  Short paperPDF  Youtube Video
FusePrint: A DIY 2.5D Printing Technique Embracing Everyday ArtifactsKening ZhuAlexandra DancuShengdong ZhaoDesigning Interactive Systems  2016    146-157  PDF  
Using Crowdsourcing for Scientific Analysis of Industrial Tomographic ImagesChen ChenPawel W. WozniakAndrzej RomanowskiMohammad ObaidTomasz JaworskiJack KucharskiKrzysztof GrudzienShengdong ZhaoMorten FjeldACM TIST  2016  7(4):52    Full paperPDF  


ColorBless: Augmenting Visual Information for Colorblind People with Binocular Luster EffectSoon Hau ChuaHaimo ZhangMuhammad HammadShengdong ZhaoSahil GoyalKaran SinghACM ToCHI  2015  21(6):32  1-32  (Full paper)PDF  
Physical Loci: Leveraging Spatial, Object and Semantic Memory for Command SelectionSimon T. PerraultEric LecolinetYoann Pascal BourseShengdong ZhaoYves GuiardACM CHI  2015    299-308  (Full paper)PDF  
To Risk or Not to Risk?: Improving Financial Risk Taking of Older Adults by Online Social InformationJason Chen ZhaoWai-Tat FuHanzhe ZhangShengdong ZhaoHenry B. L. DuhACM CSCW  2015    95-104  (Full paper)PDF  
CoFacade: A Customizable Assistive Approach for Elders and Their HelpersJason Chen ZhaoRichard C. DavisPin Sym FoongShengdong ZhaoACM CHI  2015    1583-1592  (Full paper) PDF  
NotiRing: A Comparative Study of Nofication Channels for Wearable Interactive RingsThijs RoumenSimon T. PerraultShengdong ZhaoACM CHI  2015    2497-2500  (Short paper)PDF  
OmniVib: Towards Cross-body Spatiotemporal Vibrotactile Notifications for Mobile PhonesJessalyn AlvinaShengdong ZhaoSimon T. PerraultMaryam AzhThijs RoumenMorten FjeldACM CHI  2015    2487-2496  (Full paper)PDF  


Food Messaging: Using Edible Medium for Social MessagingJun WeiXiaojuan MaShengdong ZhaoACM CHI  2014    2873-2882  (Full paper)PDF  
WADE: simplified GUI add-on development for third-party softwareXiaojun MengShengdong ZhaoYongfeng HuangZhongyuan ZhangJames EaganRamanathan Subramanian ACM CHI  2014    2221-2230  (Full paper)PDF  
BezelCopy: an Efficient Cross-Application Copy-paste Technique for Touchscreen SmartphonesChen ChenSimon T. PerraultShengdong ZhaoWei Tsang OoiAVI  2014    185-192  (Full paper)PDF  Youtube Video
L.IVE: an integrated interactive video-based learning environmentToni-Jan Keith Palma MonserratShengdong ZhaoYawen LiXiang CaoACM CHI  2014    3399-3402   (Short paper)PDF  
Draco: bringing life to illustrations with kinetic texturesRubaiat Habib KaziFanny ChevalierTovi GrossmanShengdong ZhaoGeorge W. FitzmauriceACM CHI  2014    351-360  Full paperPDF  Youtube VideoPDFBest Video Award


NoteVideo: Facilitating Navigation of Blackboard-style Lecture VideosToni-Jan Keith Palma MonserratShengdong ZhaoKevin McGeeAnshul Vikram PandeyACM CHI  2013    1139-1148  (Full paper)PDF  Youtube Video
AutoGami: A Low-cost Rapid Prototyping Toolkit for Automated Movable Paper CraftKening ZhuShengdong ZhaoACM CHI  2013    661-670  (Full paper)PDF  Youtube VideoDiscovery News
Design an Effective Vibration-Based Notification Interface for Mobile PhonesBahador SakatChrisnawan PrasojoYongfeng HuangShengdong ZhaoACM CSCW  2013    1499-1504  (Full paper)PDF  Android application download
Shared Input Multimodal Mobile Interfaces: Interaction Modality Effects on Menu Selection in Single-task and Dual-task EnvironmentsShengdong ZhaoDuncan BrumbyMark H. ChignellDario SalvucciSahil GoyalInteracting with Computers  2013      Full paperPDF  


Tracing Tuples Across Dimensions: A Comparison of Scatterplots and Parallel Coordinate PlotsXiaole KuangHaimo ZhangShengdong ZhaoMichael J. McGuffinEuroVis  2012    1365-1374  (Full paper)PDF  
Beyond Stereo: An Exploration of Unconventional Binocular Presentation for Novel Visual ExperienceHaimo ZhangXiang CaoShengdong ZhaoACM CHI  2012    2523-2526  (Short paper)PDF  Honorable Mentioned Award
Robots in my Contact List: Using Social Media Platforms for Human Robot Interaction in Domestic EnvironmentXiaoning MaXin YangShengdong ZhaoChi-Wing FuZiquan LanYiming PuAPCHI  2012    133-140  (Full paper)PDF  Youtube Video
AutoComPaste: Auto-Completing Text as an Alternative to Copy-PasteShengdong ZhaoFanny ChevalierWei Tsang OoiChee Yuan LeeArpit AgarwalAVI  2012    365-372  (Full paper)PDF  Youtube VideoCode Download
Exploring User Motivations for Eyes-free Interaction on Mobile DevicesBo YiXiang CaoMorten FjeldShengdong ZhaoACM CHI   2012    2789-2792  Short paperPDF  
Vignette: Interactive Texture Design and Manipulation with Freeform Gestures for pen-and-ink IllustrationRubaiat Habib KaziTakeo IgarashiShengdong ZhaoRichard DavisACM CHI  2012    1727-1736   Full paperPDF  Youtube VideoDownload Vignette


Measuring Web Page Revisitation in Tabbed BrowsingHaimo ZhangShengdong ZhaoACM CHI  2011    1831-1834  (Short paper)PDF  
Farmer's Tale: A Facebook Game to Promote VolunteerismDon Sim JianqiangXiaojuan MaShengdong ZhaoJing Ting KhooSwee Ling BayZhenhui JiangACM CHI  2011    581-584  (Short paper)PDF  
MOGCLASS: Evaluation of a Collaborative System of Mobile Devices for Classroom Music Education of Young ChildrenYinsheng ZhouGraham PercivalXinxi WangYe WangShengdong ZhaoACM CHI  2011    523-532  Full paperPDF  Honorable Mentioned Award
SandCanvas: A Multi-touch Art Medium Inspired by Sand animationRubaiat Habib KaziKien Chuan ChuaShengdong ZhaoRichard DavisKok-Lim LowACM CHI  2011    1283-1292  Full paperPDF  Youtube VideoiPad application downloadHonorable Mentioned Award & Golden Mouse Award for Best Video


Towards Characterisizing User Interaction with Progressively Transimitted 3D MeshesRansi De SilvaWei ChengDan LiuWei Tsang OoiShengdong ZhaoACM Multimedia  2009    881-884  (Short paper)PDF  
Designing Laser Gesture Interface for Robot ControlKentaro IshiiShengdong ZhaoMasahiko InamiTakeo IgarashiMichita ImaiINTERACT  2009    479-492  (Full paper)PDF  
Magic Cards: A paper Tag Interface for Implicit Robot ControlShengdong ZhaoKoichi NakamuraKentaro IshiiTakeo IgarashiACM CHI  2009    173-182  (Full paper)PDF  Youtube VideoJapanese nation-wide TV on May 29


InkSeine: In Situ Search for Active Note TakingKen HinckleyShengdong ZhaoRaman SarinPatrick BaudischEdward CutrellMichael ShilmanDesney TanACM CHI  2007    251-260  (Full paper)PDF  Youtube VideoInkSeine Microsoft Page
The Adaptive Hybrid Cursor: A Pressure-based Target Selection Technique for Pen-based InterfacesXiangshi RenJinbin YingShengdong ZhaoYang LiINTERACT  2007    310-323  (Full paper)PDF  
earPod: Eyes-free Menu Selection Using Touch Input and Reactive Audio FeedbackShengdong ZhaoPierre DragicevicMark H. ChignellRavin BalakrishnanPatrick BaudischACM CHI  2007    1395-1404  Full paperPDF  Youtube VideoMIT Technology Review, May 2007


Phosphor: Explaining Transitions in the User Interface Using Afterglow EffectsPatrick BaudischDesney TanMaxime CollombDaniel RobbinsKen HinckleyManeesh AgrawalaShengdong ZhaoGonzalo RamosACM UIST  2006    169-178  (Full paper)PDF  
Zone and Polygon Menus: Using Relative Position to Increase the Breadth of Multi-stroke Marking MenusShengdong ZhaoManeesh AgrawalaKen HinckleyACM CHI  2006    1077-1086  (Full paper)PDF  Youtube Video


Elastic Hierarchies: Combining Treemaps and Node-link DiagramsShengdong ZhaoMichael J. McGuffinMark H. ChignellIEEE InfoVis  2005    57-64  (Full paper)PDF  Youtube Video


Simple vs. Compound Mark Hierarchical Marking MenusShengdong ZhaoRavin BalakrishnanACM UIST  2004    33-42  (Full paper)PDF  Received 5,5,5,5 from all reviewers


Listen to Music: Audio Preview Cues for Exploration of Online Musicmonica schraefelMaria KaramShengdong ZhaoInteract   2003      Short paperPDF  


Hunter Gatherer: Interaction Support for the Creation and Management of Within-web-page Collectionsmonica schraefelYuxiang ZhuDavid ModjeskaDaniel WidgorShengdong ZhaoACM WWW  2002    172-181  (Full paper)PDF