NUS HCI Lab is looking for two strong programming interns. Please email your CV to join-nus-hci (at) if you are interested. In your email, please state what position you are interested in, how long can you work, when can you start, and your long term goals and objectives. Note: we only accept Interns who can work for 6 months or more (preferrably one year). Internships that last less than 6 months will only be considered under very special considerations.

  • The CSIDM-NUS collaboration project is lead by Prof. Ng Hwee Tou. The project has a need to include elements of Human Computer Interaction. In particular, there is a need to evaluate the effectiveness of an integrated prototype system that the project is building that adds text-to-image generation into speech translation, as judged by humans using the system. There is also a need to evaluate the usefulness of component technologies developed in the project as judged by humans.
  • In the COSMIC project, we are looking candidates who are interested in working on tools, interfaces, and systems that enhances art and creativity such as SandCanvas to join our team.
  • In the AutoComPaste project, we are looking for candidates who can help us to build an intelligent copy&paste tool.
  • For more information about the silver computing project, please check:

Written by Shengdong Zhao

Shen is an Associate Professor in the Computer Science Department, National University of Singapore (NUS). He is the founding director of the NUS-HCI Lab, specializing in research and innovation in the area of human computer interaction.