A/P Shengdong ZHAO – NUS-HCI

MIMS - UC Berkeley, PhD - University of Toronto
Associate Professor, NUS-HCI Lab
Department of Computer Science
School of Computing, National University of Singapore

Lab address: COM2-01-05
Phone: +65 6516-4361 (lab), Fax: +65 6779 4580 (Soc)
Email: zhaosd (at) comp.nus.edu.sg


CS6206 Advanced Topics in Human Computer Interaction

Lecturer: Dr. Shengdong Zhao Time: Aug. – Dec., 2012, Tue 1400-1600 Venue: SR@LT19 (close to the Business Canteen) What: this course is a broad graduate-level introduction to HCI research. The course begins with seminal work on interactive systems, and moves through current and future research areas in interaction techniques and the design, prototyping, and evaluation...


Past courses: CS4348 (Fall 2010): Interactive Systems Project (Fri 1400-1700 COM1/212) Course project demonstration for CS4249: Design of Advanced User Interfaces Fall 2009 Course project demonstration for CS3248: The Design of Interactive Systems Spring 2009 Spring 2010 Spring 2011